Collection of Selected 3D Works

"Ethereal Orbs" Instillation for undergraduate BFA show. Glassblown spheres painted with Acrylic and Ink. 2021.

"Metamorphosis" Resin, Flowers, Ink and Sand casted Glass on Sheet Glass. 2020.

Skull made by Jaime Guerrero. Antlers made by Grace Chepenik. Myrna Palley Collaboration
Award given during studies at University of Miami. 2021.

Glass Blown Forms and Vessels. 2019-2021.

Blown Pumpkins. 2021.

Aluminum Cast Sculpture. 2020.

Cast Glass Sculpture. 2020.

Glass Blown and Painted Forms. 2020.

Sand Casted and Painted Glass in Welded Frame. 2020.

Glassblown Vase with Sculpted Glass Flowers. 2021.

Sand Cast Glass Finger. 2018.

Welded Frame, Blown Mirrorized Glass. 2020.