Collection of Selected Paintings


When I paint animals I emphasize their organic relationship between nature and self through halos, and converging patterns to the form and trying to reference sacred geometry. My work is a metaphorical representation of these types of relationships through form, color, subject, and imagery.  I utilize many different mediums, starting with spray paint and building on top of it with acrylic, chalk pastel, ink, sparkles until I feel it celebrates the animal properly. I use neon color to exaggerate the electric energy between animal and nature. 

Portraits and Figures

When I paint portraits, the most important aspect is to capture the energy and life of the person. I use my brushstrokes and colors to bring their spirit to life on canvas. My goal is to translate more than the picture I am working with, but the person as well. 


Most of my abstract paintings are influenced by the music I listen to and the energy I feel from it. The marks and colors are what I see when I listen to music, and expressions of my emotions and feelings I feel when listening. When I cannot find the words to express feelings, paint is my preferred language.

Mixed Media

These abstract pieces are exploration into manipulating multiple mediums on a canvas. Each I have approached by building out of the canvas and trying to sculpt the painting.


Paintings of subjects that are not people, animals or pure abstraction.