My work aims to translate the metaphysical relationships between spirit and nature through a cacophony of emotions and reactions. I celebrate the connection each subject has to the universe through intense colors, brush strokes and textures. My subject matter often focuses on translating the energy of a being and capturing moments of raw human emotion. I try to display moments in time where we separate ourselves from our predominantly civilized lives and reconnect with our primal relationship to nature and ourselves. When I portray animals, I know they are more in tune with nature, so I emphasize this connectedness and energy that surrounds them. I celebrate this relationship represented through electric colors, converging patterns, halos and symbols. 

I approach my work as a sculptural-painter. My first love has always been painting, but since discovering a deep rooted passion for glass, it has permeated into the work as a physical presence of the subjects’ aura. The glass further celebrates the idea of the aura and energy in a physical sense as it expands and transforms the space. The ethereal medium of glass also reiterates the metaphysical qualities and messages in my work. 

Each piece I create is set to honor the energy, life and connection we experience and place an emphasis on it for the viewer. Art has been my native language for discovering and celebrating these connections throughout the Universe.

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