My current work portrays a cacophony of emotions and reactions within living beings, both human and animal. I approach my work as a sculptural painter. My first love has always been painting, but since discovering a deep rooted passion for glass, my work is evolving to a three dimensional approach. I aim to translate the stylistic characteristics of my work as a painter into a glass medium. 

My art celebrates the connectivity between living beings. I use intense colors,  brushstrokes and texture to translate the energy of the subject. I aim to capture moments of raw emotion, where we separate ourselves from our predominantly civilized lives and reconnect with our primal relationship to nature and ourselves. When I paint animals, I know they instinctively engage in an organic relationship with nature, so I emphasize their connectedness through converging patterns, halos and symbols. My work is a metaphorical representation of these types of relationships through form, color, subject, and imagery. 

My approach to my work continually changes as I push my limits in glass and three dimensional mediums. I continue to build on the piece until I feel it celebrates the subject appropriately. I aim to translate metaphysical relationships between spirit and nature, while exploring my connection to the universe through my natural language of art.

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