Grace Chepenik
Mixed Media Visual Artist

Inspired by energy, color & light.
I work in a spectrum of mediums; including oil, acrylic & spray paint, as well as glassblowing, glass casting, lamp working & metal. Learning & experimenting fusing my passion for the different mediums into a personal language of art.


Miami Voyage, 2019.

Positano News, 2019.

WhiteFish Summers ArtsFest, 2020.

"She channels her thoughts and emotions and expresses them through her art. Every single one her pieces seem to be "an extension of [her]self,"

Chepenik’s “vibrant personality,” that all of her friends adore is what really stands out in her art. She describes herself as a colorist with an obsession for brightness on her palette.

She feels her style hasn’t really evolved as much as she “has been able to execute what [she] envisions more precisely,” and the fact that she paints everyday helped her really find out what she could do. When questioned about her inspirations Grace felt like she “draws inspirations from everywhere.” She stated receiving a higher education in art inspires her because she constantly learns about famous and successful artists, and their advanced techniques. The courses she takes at the University of Miami have also helped her tremendously, as she is able to learn new art forms such as glassblowing.”

-Marine Peca, 2019

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