Grace Chepenik

Mixed Media Visual Artist

Inspired by energy, color & light

I work in a spectrum of mediums; including oil, acrylic & spray paint, as well as glassblowing, glass casting, lamp working & metal. Learning & experimenting fusing my passion for the different mediums into a personal language of art.​

“Inspired by the intangibles of the universe, Chepenik combines exotic subjects, loud and complex palettes, and the very emotions of art making into vibrant and dynamic works. Chepenik’s art celebrates the making of art for art’s sake, that is, making art because you can, and you enjoy it. Graduating from the University of Miami in 2021, Chepenik emphasized this philosophy by evolving into both painter and sculptor. While her acrylic and mixed media pieces are a psychedelic and expressive splendor, her blown glass represents her intuition, control, and patience.” 

– Sheridan Posschelle, 2021. 

Cawdrey Gallery, 2021.

University of Miami BFA Show, 2021

Miami Voyage,

Positano News, 2019.

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"She channels her thoughts and emotions and expresses them through her art. Every single one her pieces seem to be "an extension of [her]self,"

“Chepenik’s vibrant personality that all of her friends adore is what really stands out in her art. She describes herself as a colorist with an obsession for brightness on her palette.”


-Marine Peca, 2019